The Mobile Film Classroom (MFC), got its start as the signature enrichment program of the Mary Pickford Institute for Film Education, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Los Angeles  dedicated to cultivating awareness of film pioneer Mary Pickford. Since its inception in early 2006, The Mobile Film Classroom has represented a revolutionary way of teaching in the digital age, offering a unique educational opportunity of a fully equipped mobile digital production studio on wheels. According to The Mary Pickford Institute,

“Our idea was to even the educational playing field. The classroom’s equipment and staff equals that of any professional or college setting in Los Angeles. By giving schools the opportunity to provide instruction that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive, we are able to contribute to the education of a large number of students within the community.”  
The Mobile Film Classroom has served over 6000 K-12 Los Angeles Area students as an approved Los Angeles City and County vendor. Additionally, the MFC has worked with over 60 Southern California school districts, charter schools, juvenile justice centers and community-based organizations, including LAUSD, LACOE, SUSD, LA’s Best, the YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Legacy LA , New Visions, College of the Canyons Performing Arts Center, Creative Visions, Aviva Center, The Geena Davis Institute for Gender in Media and Hollywood Heart.
In 2012, to expand the outreach to youth in the Los Angeles area and beyond, a new independent 501c3 public charity, aptly called the Mobile Film Classroom was born. The Mary Pickford Institute for Film Education donated the existing MFC to the newly formed entity in October 2012. The Mobile Film Classroom continues to be a California Media Arts Statewide CTE Program through Los Angeles Valley College.

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The Mobile Film Classroom is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to helping all students have their voices heard, build their self-confidence and skills, empowering them to become producers, not merely consumers of media.