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Bulletin from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Mobile Film Classroom drives opportunity to L.A. youth:

 The Mobile Film Classroom, a digital media production studio-on-wheels, enables youth in Los Angeles County who are consider at-risk to learn about the digital media industry through hands-on lessons in movie making. “We believe being literate in film history and knowing how to navigate, use and critique digital media is what it means to be literate in the 21st Century,” the non-profit states on its website. Mobile Film Classroom, (11/2012)

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Camp Hollywood HEART 2012

Documentary Filmmaking led by Manon Banta

Manon Banta




Assisted by Huda and Sandie, with editing help from Martha Lowe & Natalie Chan

This was the first year for documentary filmmaking to be led by The Mobile Film Classroom (MFC), another nonprofit organization that works with at-risk youth to teach digital filmmaking workshops. Their big purple RV, a production studio on wheels, made the slow drive up the winding road to spend an amazing week at camp. The focus was to have the participants come up with topics that were close to their heart and that mattered to them. The documentary film participants divided into teams to plan, shoot and edit their films. The week started with watching clips of other documentaries to learn about framing and camera technique, improv exercises on storytelling, to creating a shot list before going out to shoot. The teams employed a combination of iPads, Flip and Panasonic SD cameras to film, and then climbed back in the MFC to use it’s iMac editing stations to edit their own films. Professional filmmakers, cinematographers and editors came up each day to share their expertise to guide the young filmmakers through the process. The result was four personal films on topics from The Stigma of HIV/AIDS, What Does Art Mean to You?, History of The Heart to a fun music video about this year’s camp, all that were screened at the closing night gala



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The Mobile Film Classroom is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to helping all students have their voices heard, build their self-confidence and skills, empowering them to become producers, not merely consumers of media.