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The Filmmakers Boot Camp


The Filmmakers Boot Camp
In 12 interactive classes, MFC instructors immerse students in the creative process from concept to completed production. Students work together in production teams and are guided through a step‑by‑step journey to complete several 3-5 minute, narrative videos.  By workshop end, students will take away not just new digital skills, but an understanding of narrative construction, a confident mindset that enables them to articulate their experiences and a foundation for a lifelong pattern of investigation, analysis, and creative association. Our curriculum meets California Educational Standards in English, history and media education. Program fees may apply but the MFC can customize workshops based on topic, budget and time concerns.


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The Mobile Film Classroom is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to helping all students have their voices heard, build their self-confidence and skills, empowering them to become producers, not merely consumers of media.