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Speak Truth To Power Video Contest


The Speak Truth To Power student video competition encourages middle and high school students to become engaged in human rights. The video contest is sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Tribeca Film Institute, Ensemble Video and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (RFK Center) and is based on Kerry Kennedy’s book Speak Truth To Power.

The Mobile Film Classroom (MFC), is available at three different levels to support teachers who want to participate in the RFK Center’s Speak Truth To Power Video Contest. The MFC is a production studio -on-wheels equipped with 14 iMac workstations, film cameras, sound recording and mixing equipment and iMovie and Final Cut Pro editing software. All we need is a place to park our mobile classroom.

Option 1: 
One day Professional Development Workshop: Digital Storytelling for 21st
Century Educators
Our Digital Media Storytelling for the 21st Century is a hands-on digital media professional development workshop designed for educators of all grade levels and subjects to help participants gain confidence to lead the filmmaking process. During the four-hour workshop, we break down the basics of digital media filmmaking into achievable lesson plans; from learning to script, film, interview, narrate, add photos and music to edit a short video.

Option 2: 
Off The Bus: MFC Instructors only
If your school has Mac computers with iMovie software, this can be a cost effective way to partner with our expert MFC instructors in your classroom. We provide a lesson plan, cameras and sound recording equipment but use the school’s computers for editing.
Available for in class or after school time.

Option 3: 
On The Bus: The Filmmakers Boot Camp
In 12 interactive classes, MFC instructors immerse students in the creative process from concept to completed production. Students work together in production teams and are guided through a step-by-step journey to complete 3-6 minute films. Available for in
class or after school time.

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The Mobile Film Classroom is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to helping all students have their voices heard, build their self-confidence and skills, empowering them to become producers, not merely consumers of media.